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Sun 2019-03-24

Schedule Features

  • 10:00 PM12:10 AM2h10m
  • New York, NY
    Philadelphia, PA
  • 11:00 PM1:00 AM2h
  • New York, NY
    Philadelphia, PA
  • 11:00 PM1:10 AM2h10m
  • New York, NY
    Philadelphia, PA

New York to Philadelphia Bus Schedules

There are on average 30 bus schedules from NYC to Philadelphia daily, the earliest NYC to Philadelphia bus schedule is at 3:15 am and the latest is at 11:00 pm. There are 10 bus schedules in the morning and 20 bus schedules in the afternoon for Philadelphia bus from New York. There are 4 buses from New York to Philadelphia schedules? travel time is less than 2 hours in the morning, and 8 schedules in the afternoon.

NYC to Philadelphia Bus Ticket Price

New York to Philadelphia bus ticket price is relatively stable. Focus Travel offers $12 one way throughout the year, Greyhound and Peter Pan Bus offers the price range between $8 and $20 one way. The earlier you book the NYC to Philadelphia bus tickets, the closer the price will be to the lowest average price. Normally you can get the Greyhound, Peter Pan Bus for bus NY Philadelphia average $13 one way as long as you don?t book the ticket only one day before the departure or even for the same day departure.

NY to Philadelphia Bus Travel Time

The shortest travel duration for NY Philadelphia bus is 1 hour 49 minutes, provided by Peter Pan Bus. The longest duration for bus NY Philadelphia is 3 hours, provided by Greyhound. When the travel duration is longer than 2 hours, you should expect that it will not be a direct service, the buses will make stops on the way to Philadelphia. For 2h 5 m and 2h 10m duration buses from NYC to Philadelphia, Greyhound bus makes one stop to Mt Laurel, NJ. For 2 h 55 m schedule, they make two stops, one at Mt Laurel, NJ and the other at Camden, NJ. For the 3 h schedule, they make one stop at Camden, NJ, the stop duration is 15m. Buses to Philadelphia from New York with less than 2 h travel duration are the non-stop Express services.

New York to Philadelphia Bus Operators

New York to Philadelphia bus services are provided by Focus travel, Greyhound, Peter Pan Bus, AtlantaTourInc. Focus Travel provides the most NY Philadelphia bus schedules for you to choose, especially afternoon schedules, they run the New York to Philadelphia buses until 11:00pm. Greyhound and Peter Pan Bus provide the earliest NYC to Philadelphia bus schedules starting from 6:30 am.

Bus from New York to Philadelphia High Season

The most popular season to travel from NY to Philadelphia by bus is July and August. The least popular months for bus travel from NYC to Philadelphia are Jan, Feb, October to December.

Why you should choose New York to Philadelphia bus rather than flight?

The average price for one-way flight is $100, and the travel time is much longer than NY to Philadelphia bus because flights make long-wait stops on the way. Another good part about taking a bus from New York to Philadelphia is the convenience of where you depart and arrive. All the NY Philadelphia buses depart from Manhattan directly and arrive at Center City of Philadelphia.

New York to Philadelphia Bus Stops

Both Greyhound and Peter Pan Bus tops are located at Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York, which is in the center of Times Square, 625 8th Ave. At Port Authority Bus Terminal, there are direct underground passageways connect the terminal with A, C, E, N, Q, R, W, 1, 2, 3 and 7 subway lines. Both Focus Travel and Atlanta Tour Inc bus stops are located at Chinatown area in Manhattan, you can take subway F train to the East Broadway Station directly.Greyhound and Peter Pan Bus?s bus stops in Philadelphia are located at 1001 Filbert St, in the center city area of Philadelphia.

Must-Know about New York and Philadelphia

New York City, the Big Apple, the City That Never Sleeps, the Cultural Capital of the World... whatever you call New York City, its impact on worldwide culture and business is undeniable. Seeing this famous metropolis is something no one ever forgets! Influence the most populous city in the United States has on the entire world is undeniable. People from Bangkok to Calgary can identify its skyline and have felt the tremors of its might roar. The things to see and do in the five boroughs that make up the city are virtually limitless; from ice skating at Rockefeller Center to seeing the New York Yankees hit one out of the park, a trip to New York is never forgotten.

Philadelphia, one of the most historically significant cities in the United States, was the original American capital. The City of Brotherly Love draws history buffs and lovers of culture from all corners of the globe! Decades before Washington, DC was even a glimmer of hope in Ben Franklin's eye, he was planning his revolution in this Pennsylvania city. Philadelphia's history, though, dates back to the founding of Pennsylvania itself. William Penn, a somewhat-exiled Quaker, founded Pennsylvania and in 1682, christened Philadelphia its capital. Penn was known locally as a friend of the Lenape tribe of Native Americans, and was one of the few colonial founders to treat them as true equals.

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