Loyalty Points

Earn points with every purchase! $1 USD you spend = 1 loyalty point.
Every 100 earned loyalty points = $1 USD. You can earn loyalty points through purchases, approved reviews, and more!
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exclusive deals

Exclusive Discounts

No more random promotions. We take the time to understand your preferences, and will only send you discounts and destinations that we think you will like!

Higher Membership Tier, More Privileges

As you accumulate points with each purchase, your membership tier will upgrade accordingly. The higher tier you are, the bigger discounts you will get!

use across platforms

Use Points Across Platforms

One account, two websites. You can use your points to book tours and bus services on both TakeTours and GoToBus, the points and tier will automatically apply to the other. Meaning you can use points and membership benefits across our two services!