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Sales Policies

Tickets and Confirmation - Your order is immediately confirmed after successfully completing the purchase, the customer will see the confirmation number online and receive an order summary and eTicket (s) by email.

How to use the eTicket - Tickets can be presented for boarding from your mobile app, confirmation email, or with a printout of your eTicket (confirmation email).

Cancellation and Refund - Once a reservation is booked on, it cannot be canceled by the customer. Duplicate bookings are non-refundable as those seats will have been removed from sales inventory. There will be NO refund for bus delays due to weather, traffic and/or mechanical issues.

Rescheduling - Tickets can only be rescheduled before the original travel date/time. How to self-reschedule tickets online? Please check

No rescheduling within 2 hours of departure.
Within 2 hours of the initial purchase, there is no fee for rescheduling. After this, there is a $1 fee per ticket for the first online reschedule, $2 for the second. Ticket can be rescheduled up to two times. Dynamic price tickets CANNOT be rescheduled.
The fee for rescheduling made through GotoBus's customer service agent starts at $5 fee per ticket.
Tickets can only be rescheduled to the available schedules for the same route in the same direction provided by the original bus carrier.

Standby Policy If a passenger misses his/her bus, the ticket will become a standby ticket. Standby tickets can be used to board a later bus on the same scheduled day for the same route, IF there are seats available on the bus. Passengers are not allowed to board onto any earlier buses. A $10 fee will be applied when boarding a bus with a standby ticket. Standby policy will NOT apply on dynamic price tickets.

Price Change - We reserve the right to adjust the ticket fare, and the fare for holidays, weekends and special events.

Condition of Use -

  • (1) The ticket is valid only for the date and time stated on the eTicket.
  • (2) Customers must bring a valid ID and the eTicket (confirmation email) at boarding for ID Check.
  • (3) Customer's names on the E-ticket must match at least one of the passengers’ government issued photo ID.
  • (4) Your E-ticket and a valid government-issued photo ID are required at boarding. Failure to present both may cause a delay or cancellation of the trip, and the ticket will not be refunded.
  • (5) Passenger should arrive 30 minutes prior to departure time. Otherwise, the seat might be sold to stand-by passengers.

General Information

Schedules - Every effort will be made to operate according to published schedules. The bus carriers will not be liable for delays caused by traffic, accidents, mechanical issues, road conditions, severe weather, and do not guarantee to arrive at or depart from any point as a specific time. Connections cannot be guaranteed and schedules are subject to change.

Arrival Time - The arrival times are estimated for customers' reference. Exact arrival time depends on the traffic situation.

Severe Weather - Customers are encouraged to check the GotoBus Website - Weather Advisory for any bus cancellations on selected routes or call the phone number located on your eTicket for most updated information. Please note that refunds are not given for services canceled due to weather but you may reschedule for an alternative time.

Bicycles - Bicycles may be transported based on space availability. Additional luggage space cannot be reserved.

Child Fares - All passengers are required to book a ticket, including infants.

Pets - No pets or support animals are allowed on the bus except SERVICE ANIMALS. The service animal is the responsibility of its owner and must be under the control of its owner at all times (i.e., leash, harness or carrier). Service animals must ride in the bus within the customer’s space and may not travel in the aisle or occupy a seat. We reserve the right to refuse passage to any animal that poses adirect threat to the health and safety of other customers or personnel.

Luggage - Each passenger is allowed to have one check-in bag and one carry-on bag. The check-in bag must not exceed over 50 pounds in weigh and must not exceed 62 inches when adding the total exterior dimensions (L+W+H). Extra charges ($10 to $30 per piece) apply for oversize and additional bags, depending on the size of the luggage.

Objectionable Persons - Bus Companies reserve the right to refuse transportation to any person under the influence of intoxicating beverages or drugs or who is unable to take care of oneself or to any person whose conduct is such, or likely to be such, as to make one objectionable to other passengers.

Cell Phones - "Limited" with respect and courtesy to your fellow passengers.

Wi-Fi - Generally, Wi-Fi service is offered by some services as specified for each individual schedule, but not guaranteed. Additional schedules may be added during weekends and holidays which are served by third party's buses, it is not guaranteed that there will be wi-fi access as advertised.

Minor Travellers - For minors (under 16 years old) traveling alone, the parents must write a notarized authorization for the minor to travel without an adult.