1. Scope
1.1 Scope of terms and conditions:

CityBusExpress’ terms and conditions apply to all their routes and coaches.

2. Definitions and booking your trip
2.1 Passenger:

You booked a trip for yourself and/or someone else with CityBusExpress.

2.2 Booking:
You inquired about a trip on the website of CityBusExpress.

2.3 Reservation:
You successfully processed a reservation with CityBusExpress for a trip. You will receive a confirmation email with an e-ticket.

2.4 Ticket:
After reserving a trip with CityBusExpress you will receive a confirmation email with your e-ticket. Your e-ticket is for you and the passengers you reserved for.
It is non-transferrable to a third party.
The ticket is only valid on the route and date you booked it for.

2.5 Check in time:
Our check in policy requires that you check in no later than 30 minutes prior to departure. The gate will close 15 minutes prior to departure.

2.6 Payment options:
Trips can only be booked and paid on our CityBusExpress website (www.CityBusExpress.com). We accept creditcards, iDeal or PayPal.
You can also transfer or wire money directly to us. On request payments can be made cash to the driver on the day of travel. An extra fee will be assessed.

3. Refunds and reservations
3.1 Refunds:
Full refunds will be made up to 7 calendar days after the initial booking in case you plan to cancel your trip.

3.2 Reservations:
The entire balance is due at booking.

4. Check in and reschedule
4.1 Check in policy:

A valid ID (identity card or passport) and your e-ticket are required when checking in. Both printed e-tickets as well as confirmation emails are valid boarding passes.
If you can not show your e-ticket when boarding the bus you should notify the driver.
4.2 Reschedule policy:
Trips can be rescheduled to alternate dates without a charge up to 7 calendar days after your booking. We can no longer accept changes to your itinerary after 7 calendar days.

5. Luggage policy
5.1 Carry-on luggage:
Carry-on luggage is limited to one carry-on bag, 60x35x15 cm, with a maximal weight of 5 KG.
Carry-on luggage should be placed in the overhead space and can not be placed underneath or on the seats.
Neither can it be placed in the isle as it may interrupt passengers moving throughout the coach.

5.2 Check in luggage:
CityBusExpress accepts three pieces of luggage (suitcases, bags, boxes 70x80x20 cm) with a maximum total weight of 75 KG in addition to one piece of carry-on luggage.
Children and babies can check one piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 15 KG.
All other items will not be allowed to be taken on the bus. Bikes, sports articles, ski equipment, musical instruments are allowed on the bus only after written permission from CityBusExpress.
Any illegal substances including marihuana, explosives and any other dangerous materials are not allowed on the bus. Our policy may be different on certain routes

5.3 Liability:
CityBusExpress can not be held liable under any circumstances for the transportation of any luggage including carry-on luggage.
It is the passenger’s responsibility. CityBusExpress can not be held liable for the loss or damage of money, medication, certificates, gold, silver,
jewelry, precious metals, art or any other objects of value such as cameras, electronic devices of any kind, identification papers, mobile phones and computers.
CityBusExpress is responsible for the theft, loss or damage of luggage in the luggage compartment of the bus only if it was caused by gross negligence of CityBusExpress or its affiliates.
We reimburse up to a maximum of € 75,- per luggage item. We recommend that valuable belongings such as money, medication, jewelry, precious metals, computers and identification papers always be taken as carry-on luggage.

5.4 Insurance:
CityBusExpress recommends that passengers obtain insurance to cover their (carry on) luggage.

5.5. Luggage packing and labeling:
All luggage including carry-on luggage must be properly packed and labeled with a name, phone number and travel destination. Fragile objects must be labeled as such.
The passenger is responsible for the packing of their luggage. Damaged caused by the passenger to third parties is the sole responsibility of the passenger.

5.6 Luggage handling and loss:
The passenger is responsible for transferring their luggage when changing busses or at customs.
The passenger is responsible for identifying and taking their luggage when it is unloaded from the bus.
Any loss or damage of luggage with the exception of carry-on luggage should be reported immediately to the driver.
No longer than 7 calendar days after the loss or damage should this be reported by email to CityBusExpress including the e-ticket and luggage label.
Claims that are not received within 7 calendar days will not be processed by CityBusExpress.

5.7 Other:
The transport of living or dead animals with the exception of service dogs for disabled and blind people are not allowed on the bus.
The passenger should report to CityBusExpress if they need a service dog for travel.

6. Delay-, reschedule, cancellation and price policy
6.1 Delays and reschedules:
The scheduled departure and arrival time are local times.
CityBusExpress can not be held liable for damages caused by travel delays or missed connections as a result of travel delays.
CityBusExpress has the right to change their itinerary at any time without prior notification.
CityBusExpress will notify customers who have pending reservations about changes in their itinerary per email.
CityBusExpress can not be held liable for incomplete or incorrect passenger contact information.

6.2 Cancellations:
CityBusExpress at its sole discretion has the right to cancel any trips due to war, armed conflict, terror threats and attacks, road blocks, strikes,
bad weather, social unrest, technical problems with the bus or any other circumstances that may jeopardize the safety of the passengers on their journey.
CityBusExpress will do a full reimbursement of ticket fares in this case. CityBusExpress will not rebook and pay for your trip with an alternate carrier or compensate for any extra accommodation costs due to a canceled trip.

CityBusExpress reserves the right to cancel our schedules if there are not enough reservations. We will notify you and reimburse your money.
CityBusExpress will not rebook and pay for your trip with an alternate carrier or compensate for any extra accommodation costs due to a canceled trip.

6.3 Price policy:
CityBusExpress is entitled to raise their fares up till 30 days prior to departure due to higher transportation costs, (including gasoline).
In this case the fare will be increased proportionally with the percentage of the increased costs since the day of booking. The passenger has the right to cancel their trip without any penalties in this case.

7. Passenger liability
7.1 Personal liability:
Passengers who book the trip for themselves or someone else are personally liable for caused damages to other passengers by the ticketholders he/she paid for.

7.2 Travel of minors:
Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Children aged 16 and 17 need written authorization from a parent or custodian to travel alone.

7.3 Courtesy rules:
CityBusExpress expects all passengers to behave with common courtesies and in obedience of the law while at the bus and at the ports of entry and arrival.
The use of radios, tape recorders, mobile phones, TV players or any other electronics device is permissible when using a headset and only if it does not interfere with the comfort of other passengers.
Passengers under no circumstances are allowed to damage or pollute the bus, use any illegal substances including marihuana or distract the driver while en route.
Neither are passengers permitted to harass fellow passengers or other cars, busses, trailers, trucks while en route. Smoking is not allowed on the bus
CityBusExpress at is sole discretion has the right to remove disobedient passengers from the bus at any time or deny them access to the bus to continue their journey.
CityBusExpress requires passengers to return to the bus on time during pit stops on the road.

7.4 Travel documents:
Prior to departing passengers must possess all required travel documents for travel to or through the countries en route such as passport,
visa, minority authorization to travel alone and any required vaccinations. CityBusExpress can not be held liable for damages or costs incurred by passengers related to them being denied access to or through a country.
CityBusExpress will not partially or fully reimburse a passenger who is not able to continue his/her journey due to incomplete travel documents or any other reason.

7.5 Safety on the bus:
Passengers at all times have to obey the safety instructions, any other instructions and CityBusExpress rules and regulations while on the bus.
Wearing a seat belt at all times is mandatory. Any penalties for not wearing a seat belt are at the expense of the passenger.

7.6 Access to the bus:
CityBusExpress, its employees and affiliated entities are at all times entitled to deny access to those persons who are reasonably presumed to be intoxicated,
under the influence of any illegal substances including marihuana, not dressed properly or who are in poor hygiene.

7.7 Passenger complaints:
If under any circumstances CityBusExpress has not met their obligations, the customer can contact customer service.

8. CityBusExpress liability
8.1 Change in terms and conditions:
CityBusExpress reserves the right to change the terms and conditions according to the rules of the
Netherlands or any foreign government that is of relevance for the journey and without any liability to the passenger with respect to mistakes or lack of
information on the company’s website or in any printed or digital communication.

8.2 Other liabilities:
CityBusExpress can not be held liable for partial or complete faults in the implementation of the contract to transport its passengers that are a result of passenger negligence,
unforeseen circumstances, actions by third parties and reasons beyond its control. Passengers can not be partially or fully reimbursed for travel delays that are beyond the control of CityBusExpress.
CityBusExpress is not liable for any mistakes, omissions of any kind on www.CityBusExpress.com or in the digital and printed communications and publications.

9. Legal recourse
9.1 Applicable law:
Dutch law applies to the terms and conditions. Disputes between CityBusExpress and its passengers will be presented to the
Utrecht District Court for action if the preceding Judge through a court ruling is authorized to take the case in which case such judge will rule over the case.
The passenger has up to one month to present their case to the ruling judge.

All correspondence to CityBusExpress should be sent to info@citybusexpress.com