About Wallet

1. No minimum balance requirement for the customer wallet usage.

2. Customer wallet balance do not expire.

3. Customer wallet is associated with customer accounts, can be accumulated and used across websites (GotoBus.com and TakeTours.com).

4. Wallet balance is available for partial payment.

Wallet FAQ:

Q: Can I get refund as credit to wallet for past bookings that I made using guest checkout?
A: You need to register account with contact email which you used in the booking and retrieve the guest booking.

Q: What is the benefit for me to refund to wallet instead of my wallet?
A: First of all, you don抰 need to pay 6% handling fee for the refund amount, secondly, the balance will appears in your Wallet immediately, you won't have to wait 3-5 days for the refund to be processed.

Q: Can I use TakeTours wallet balance on GotoBus.com or GotoBus wallet on TakeTours.com?
A:Yes, wallet balance can be used interchangeably between the sites. Wallet credits will act as a form of payment.

Q: Can I add money to my wallet directly?
A: No,You cannot add money into the Wallet directly, yet, you can add credit into the Wallet if you have an active gift card or canceling a trip or get partial refund.

Q: Can I transfer the wallet balance to others?
A: No, Customer Wallet credits are associated with your email and can only be used by you. However, you can use these credits to purchase a ticket/voucher for someone else.

Q: Will the points expire?
A: No, wallet balance do not expire.

Q: Can I apply for withdraw the balance to card?
A: No, the balance only can be used on the website, you can not withdraw balance to your card.

Q: Why does the wallet option not appear on my payment option?
A: The wallet does not apply to the following bus operators: Greyhound, Peterpan.