Current Reservation
Resend E-ticket You can redeliver your e-ticket by yourself. Please find the way to redeliver at
How can I reschedule the bus ticket by myself? Please check the e-ticket to make sure the reschedule policy of your ticket. Not all the tickets can be rescheduled. If your ticket match with the reschedule policy, you can find the self reschedule way at
How can I use my open ticket?

An open ticket is NOT VALID until you activate it.How to activate? You can simply log in your account and select a new date for your travel to have a new e-Ticket. Or, if you don’t have an account yet, please create an account with the same contact email address, and log in to select a new date for your travel to have a new e-Ticket.Open tickets may be subject to extra charges if there is an increase in price. Open tickets must be used within valid days, with the same travel provider, and on the same route going the same direction.

Can I get a refund or cancel my bus ticket? Bus tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded. Duplicate bookings are non-refundable as those seats have been removed from the sales inventory. Tickets can be rescheduled before the travel time, or an open ticket can be issued if passengers cannot keep the original reservation. Or we can change the traveler’s name before departure if the bus operators allowed.
Can I change passengers name after booking?

Yes. Passenger’s name can be changed. You can send us a request and new E-Ticket will be sent back to you after the change is done.

Can I change my email address after booking?

Yes. Contact email can be changed. You can send us a request and our customer service representative will change for you.

How to receive my e-Tickets, and how long to get it

We are send the E-ticket to the email address which you used for purchasing. Most of the tours will be confirmed in 1~3 business days. If you want to get your confirmation soon, you may click "push for confirm" button in your booking.

Do I need to print out my e-ticket?

We recommend you to bring a printout of your ticket when boarding the bus. If your e-ticket says that you need to bring a print-out to redeem the service, you MUST print it out. If a print-out is not required, you may show the e-ticket to the driver on your phone or another electronic device.

If you cannot print out the ticket, please write down all the information (confirmation number, date, time, name) on a paper and show this along with an ID to the driver in order to board the bus.

What should I do if the bus is delayed?

Normally if the bus is delayed, bus operator will update the status online. You can first go to “Bus Tracking System” to check the bus status. Then you will see how much time the bus will be delayed.

If it is still on schedule, please contact customer service representatives if you are already at bus station without seeing the bus.

How do I find out if a bus is cancelled due to bad weather?

You can check our Travel Advisory. However, while we will strive to provide the most updated information on our travel advisory, if you have questions about weather delays or cancellations, please call the bus operator with whom you are scheduled to travel. Their contact phone number will be listed on your e-ticket under “Terms & Conditions”.

Please note that refunds cannot be granted due to weather-related reasons. Tickets may be rescheduled or opened for use at a later time.

The driver left me in the half way, what should I do?

Unfortunately if you are left on the half way, please contact customer service for details. Driver will turn around to pick you up if he is just near by; or you will need to wait for next bus.

If I miss my bus, can I reschedule or get money back?

If you miss your bus, the ticket will be expired and invalid. It is non-refundable and could not be rescheduled. You will need to book a new ticket for your journey.

Where will I sit on the bus?

Most operators arrange seats on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the departure time if you wish to sit in a particular area.