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    2010-06-02 Chinatown’s Long Tendrils: Bargain Bus Reaches the Mississippi
    2010-04-12 For $30, a no-frills bus trip to NYC - Charlotte Observer
    2010-03-18 Chinatown Buses, Long Denied Legal Drop-Off Zones, Lobby for Downtown Curb Space
    2010-03-12 Bus wars ease travel for New Yorkers
    2009-11-25 Fare Game: Traveling by Bus This Thanksgiving - WNYC
    2009-11-25 Holiday puts low-cost buses into overtime - Washington Times
    2009-10-13 GotoBus provides new service from Allentown to New York City - The Express Times
    2009-10-12 New bus services from Allentown to New York begins today - Allentown Morning Call
    2009-08-12 Big Apple Buses - MetroWeekly
    2009-06-22 Get on the Bus - Slate
    2009-06-18 Planes, Trains ... and Buses? - WSJ
    2009-06-10 Fung Wah Bus plans Providence-NY service
    2009-04-30 Are buses the new way to go? -- USA TODAY
    2009-04-27 Clash of the titans! -- Frommers Online
    2009-04-07 Taking The Bus: BoltBus and Other Low Priced Luxury Bus Services
    2009-02-17 Todays Bus Now Part of Eastern Coach/Coach USA- DCist
    2009-02-17 Bargain Buses- The Hartford Courant
    2009-01-16 Guide to celebrating Obama's historic inauguration - Silive.com
    2008-12-12 The Rise of the Budget Bus- BNET
    2008-12-01 On the bus, a warning for gamblers- The Boston Globe
    2008-11-11 Robbers Take Thousands From a Bus Company in New York’s Chinatown
    2008-10-23 FEDS' KUNG POW!- NYPost
    2008-09-26 Jet Set, Meet the Bus Bunch- NYTimes
    2008-09-18 The Downside of Low-Cost Buses
    2008-09-18 Suddenly, It's Cool to Take the Bus-- BusinessWeek
    2008-08-31 D.C. to New York: The Deals on the Bus Go Round and Round
    2008-08-05 Cash-Strapped Travelers a Boon to Bus Travel-- AP
    2008-07-30 Airfare Prices Too High? Travel by Bus on the Cheap-- SmarterTravel
    2008-02-28 The cheap bus movement -- formerly, the "Chinatown bus" movement -- is spreading rapidly-- Frommer's
    2007-10-25 The Chinatown express-- The Economist
    2007-07-23 New Bus Line Enters Arena of Cheap Routes to NYC -- DC Examiner
    2007-07-15 L&I orders bus company to cease operations
    2007-07-13 Blind pair spurned by Fung Wah win $60G
    2007-06-26 'Chinatown buses' make no-frills inroads in Las Vegas-- LA Times
    2007-04-25 Bus doesn't bust budgets-- The Hawk
    2006-10-17 Getting Around The USA--When Is The Bus Your Best Option?--Market Day
    2006-10-12 Discount Bus Companies May Lose Their Sidewalk Spots-- NY Sun
    2006-03-22 A Better Way to Regulate Buses--Washington Post
    2006-02-16 New Bus Line to NYC Hopes to Compete with Mainstays--The Daily Pennsylvanian
    2006-02-14 If You Want To Vamoose in DeLuxe Style, You're in Luck--NY Sun
    2006-01-01 A Big Bus Battle--Time Magazine
    2005-08-04 The Chinatown bus stops here - The News Journal
    2005-06-19 Chinatown’s thrill ride: $30 D.C. trip! - by New York Daily News
    2005-05-16 Addressing safety concerns - by Times Dispatch
    2005-05-15 'Chinatown bus' picks up speed - by Times Dispatch
    2005-01-28 On the East Coast, Chinese Buses Give Greyhound a Run - by WSJ
    2004-12-29 Bus lines pull in to site - Boston Herald
    2004-12-24 Bus co. expands efforts to NYC - Boston Herald
    2004-10-29 Chinatown buses travel by word of mouth - Albany Times Union
    2004-05-04 Chinatown buses attract travelers, critics - UPI
    2004-02-21 In Chinatown, Vans Give Rise to a Bus War - NY Times
    2003-12-12 Cheap, quick, sometimes frenzied, Chinatown buses link East Coast
    2003-09-07 Chinatown Bus Economics
    2003-07-30 Chinatown Bus to Happiness - SansPoint
    2002-08-01 Sweet Price, Sour Cost - Citizen