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Chinatown Bus to Happiness - SansPoint
30 July, 2003 Rich

Old Weblog: Chinatown Bus To Happiness 30 July 2003
Monday, I went up to New York see Kassandra, and also to get my transcript from Polytechnic. I decided to take the Chinatown bus, as itís cheaper. To take the train from Philly to Trenton, itís $3.00. To go from Trenton to NYC, itís a lot more expensive. I think itís somewhere in the $15.00 range, give or take two dollars. Thatís just one way. The Chinatown bus is $20 round trip, and surprisingly, itís faster. I left Philadelphia at three, and got to NY a little after five. I made it to Queens in just over an hour (including walking to the subway stop.)

I left home around 1:30, after calling the Ďrents for some last minute confirmation about the plans. I was a bit panicky at missing my bus, as the 66 is now running oddly due to construction at the new Frankford Terminal. The El tracks are being swung over to the new terminal building, and the 66 bus, which stopped at the terminal has moved three stops down to Erie-Torresdale. I made it to the bus company with plenty of time to spare, so I grabbed lunch from Chick-Fil-A in the Gallery. MmmÖ Chick-Fil-A.

The bus ride was uneventful. It was very full, but pretty comfortable. They showed some movie on the video screens, but with my Chinese skills being what they are (non-existant), I didnít bother watching. I just blasted music into my ears for the whole ride - mostly Fatima Mansions and Microdisney. After I got off the bus, I attemped to find my way to First Avenue and the F train to Queens. I swear, I have an unnatural ability to find my way around a city. The first route I took sent me straight to Houston Street and 1st Ave, a block away from the F stop. One hour later, and I was at my stop in Queens, and in Kassandraís arms.

Kassandra made us an excellent dinner, and I spent the night at her place. Tuesday morning, I left for Brooklyn to get my damned transcript. That completed, I grabbed some lunch at Texas Fried Chicken and hopped the F back to Manhattan. I wandered around the Lower East Side, and St. Markís Place for a while, and then headed off to Chinatown to find where the bus boarded. After wandering for an hour, I found the bus, and boarded. We left a little after three, and I got back to Philly around five. I hopped aboard the El, and was hope before six.

Next time I go up, Iím definately taking the bus.

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