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Sutro Tower
Construction began in 1971, was completed in 1972, and on July 4th of 1973 Sutro Tower began transmitting. Named after Adolf Sutro, a businessman and former mayor of San Francisco, the tower stands 977 feet from the ground and 1800 feet from sea level

The self-supporting steel structure which is shared by ten television stations and four FM radio stations to enable them to broadcast their signals to the general public.Sutro Tower is owned and operated by Sutro Tower Inc. (STI), an independent corporation founded in 1968 by the owners of KTVU-2, KRON-4, KPIX-5, and KGOTV-7. The owners hold equal shares in Sutro Tower, Inc.STI owns the tower and the service building, but not the broadcast equipment installed there. STI acts as "landlord" and leases space on the tower to local television and radio stations, dispatch and paging operators and other wireless communications services.

Sutro Tower plans a large expansion to the base of the building, and the addition of several antennas. Preliminary approval is given by the Zoning Administrator, who states that it is within their original permit to expand broadcasting.

Neighbors protest the expansion, and at a packed hearing the Planning Commission disapproves the expansion permit and places a policy of discretionary review on any expansion of Sutro Tower. This means that any further requests for expansion are subject to public review and review by the Planning Commission.