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Known once by those inside as, “The Rock”, it is today one of the top attractions in San Francisco. Alcatraz was used from the 1850’s to 1933 by the military to protect the bay shoreline. Thereafter the government converted it into a maximum-security prison. Some of the country’s worst prisoners were housed here, including Al Capone. Alcatraz was considered a perfect area to house a prison due to fierce currents and the icy cold waters it was supposed to be inescapable. Though don’t tell that to the thirty-six prisoners who attempted to escape as well as the actual prisoners who did succeed in escaping, Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers.

Alcatraz operated as a prosin from 1934 to 1963. It was closed down for various reasons, mainly doe to the fact that it was a costly prison to run and because it didn’t have a program that would rehabilitate the prisoners. The island of Alcatraz, known as the Rock, a world unto itself, a part of history for some, a legend for many others.