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Alamo Square "6 Sisters"
Alamo in Spanish means poplar tree. In the early 1800’s the poplar trees lined Alamo Hill marking a resting place for anyone traveling by foot or horse. Today Alamo Square is one of the most photographed locations in San Francisco. Alamo Square, also known as "postcard row" at Hayes and Steiner Streets is made up of beautiful Victorian houses. The houses are perfectly lined in escalating formation. The area offers a perfect back-drop of San Francisco’s downtown skyscrapers. The most elite and colorful Victorians have been dubbed the “Six Sisters” or the “Painted Ladies”.

The grassy square is an ideal midday break, and great spot to take in the views. Alamo Square is one of 11 historic districts in the city.

During your San Francisco tour aboard San Francisco Comprehensive Tours we will take to this location and give you ample time to walk around and take pictures.