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Japanese Tea Garden
In Japanese culture, a garden is thought to be an art form, expressing the spirit of nature through the use of specially chosen shrubs, plants and stones and rocks. The Japanese Tea Garden is located in the Golden Gate Park and for many it is a favorite part of the park.

Designed by Makoto Hagiwara for the 1894 World’s Fair. It is made up of an intricate complex of paths, ponds and a teahouse featuring native Japanese and Chinese plants. Take a stroll along the windy paths and over the bridges framed by koi ponds. Among the Japanese foliage located in the garden are maples, cherry trees, cedars and the bonsai. There is also a 1790 bronze Buddha, a Shinto wooden pagoda as well as other sculptures located within the parks five acres.

There is also a Zen Garden located within the park, designed by Nagao Sakurai. It symbolizes a miniature mountain scene complete with a stone waterfall and small island surrounded by a gravel river, was dedicated at the same time as the Lantern of Peace installation in 1953.

The Japanese Garden is well worth a trip and the time to take it all in.

During your San Francisco tour aboard San Francisco Comprehensive Tours we will take to this location stop, walk around and give you ample time to take pictures and walk around.