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The Presidio
The Presidio is 1480 acres and has served as a military base for Spain (1776-1822), Mexico (1822-48), and the United States (1848-1994). As a U.S. Army post, the Presidio played an important role in every major U.S. military conflict from 1848 until its closure. Major events from military, aviation, World Fairs all the way to natural disasters have had an impact on the Presidio.

Visitors today can enjoy the history and beauty of the Presidio. the Presidio houses more than 500 historic buildings, a national cemetery, an historic airfield, a saltwater marsh, forests, beaches, native plant habitats, coastal bluffs, miles of paths for hiking and biking, not to mention some of the best views in the city.

During your San Francisco tour aboard San Francisco Comprehensive Tours we will take to this location stop, walk around and give you ample time to take pictures.