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Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937, and quickly became known as THE San Francisco landmark. For decades it has drawn in millions of tourists and has never failed to elicit their admiration and awe. The bridge spans 1.7 miles reaching hundreds of feet above water.

Being that it is one of this country’s most famous landmarks, one must simply experience it in all its glory. There are quite a few ways you can experience the bridge: take a stroll across by foot, by bicycle, drive over it by car or bus, or cruise by boat under it. If you do decide to walk it or bike it, bundle up, it can get windy. When walking, start off at the aptly named Roundhouse located on the east side of the bridge. The historic Roundhouse was designed in 1938 as a restaurant for motorists passing by. Now it houses the Golden Gate Bridge gift center. Before you head back to the other side of the bridge, take a long stroll underneath the bridge through the 5-acre gardens.

During your San Francisco tour aboard San Francisco Comprehensive Tours we will take to this location stop, walk around and give you ample time to take pictures.