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Taking The Bus: BoltBus and Other Low Priced Luxury Bus Services
BoltBus, one of the new low-fare, luxury bus services, is celebrating their one-year anniversary. Tickets for travel start as low as $1 plus fees and can be purchased at the official site. The service offers such amenities as extra leg room, reserved seating, free Wi-Fi, and power outlets. Amenities like free Wi-Fi were not previously available on the poor man's travel choice.

Things have changed since the days of Greyhound and the Fung Wah Bus. There are many other ways to bus it between big cities -- and to bus it in style.

DC2NY is a self-explanatory bus line. For $50 you can get a round trip ticket from New York City to Washington, DC and vice versa. If you plan ahead and become a member you can get a ticket for as low as $40. They boast as being the first to have free Wi-Fi service on their buses. They also promise clean bathrooms.

GoToBus offers New York City to DC roundtrip for $35. They have stops on most of the east and west coast states, although they don't travel across the nation. They offer international vacation deals including hotel discounts and Las Vegas shows.

Limoliner allows you to pick your own seat in the same manner as most airlines. Their routes hit New York City, Boston, Framingham, and Hartford. They are expensive at $89 each way. That's around the same price as Amtrak. Amenities include tv, radio, movies, power outlets, wi-fi and worktables.

Bauer's Intelligent Transportation of San Francisco has a chartered service fleet of bio-diesel, EGR, and propane vehicles. They offer Wi-Fi, tables, power outlets, leatherette seats, direct TV, and IPod connections.

Peter Pan, celebrating their 75th anniversay, is similar to the old school Greyhound. They offer a round trip from New York City to Washington, DC from $40 to $75.

Academy Bus Lines offer a $35 round trip ticket from New York City to Atlantic City, NJ, making stops at various casinos. Depending from which casino you depart, you may be given back some of your bus fare from the casino. Showboat Casino has given $17 in cash back to those who stop there.

MegaBus, like Bolt Bus, offers trips starting at $1 plus fees. Not only that, they operate in the US, the UK and Canada, if you want to visit the Great White North. In the states, you can catch the bus in 13 different states. Amenities include reading lamps, power outlets and free WiFi.