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Disney World - Animal Kingdom
Giving hope that reality can be as thrilling as fantasy in the land of the Mouse, Animal Kingdom became Disney's first live animal attraction when it opened in 1998. With the usual blend of entertainment and education, the park aims to teach visitors about animals and their habitats, while providing enough thrill rides and virtual reality aspects to keep things cutting edge. The highlight for folks who come for the critters is the safari ride, which takes guests on a jeep journey through the African savanna, where giraffes, lions and wildebeests appear to be roaming free. The fabricated scenery, including baobab trees and termite mounds, is impressive. But the park is still Disney, so it's not all reality. Animated characters get prime time in 'The Lion King' and 'Pocohantas' shows. There's a roller coaster in the Jurassic Park section, and you can go on a roaring rapids ride, too.