Delivery Serivce
How much I need to pay for grocery delivery? Delivery fees can differ based on the distance, size of the order, and the time you want for your delivery. Delivery fees are relatively higher when you order a small amount or request to deliver during busy hours. GotoBus Delivery fees start at $3.99. However, there will be a small order surcharge for order amount that is less than $100. Please keep in mind the minimum amount before checkout.Long-distance delivery will also have a $5 surcharge.Our mission is to provide customers with a timely and reliable experience. The long-distance surcharge allows us to motivate our drivers and ensure our service available to you even with a longer distance. Your delivery fee will be displayed clearly in your shopping cart.
How can I revise my preferred delivery time You can contact our customer service to revise your preferred delivery time. When due to high demand, we may change your order delivery time after contacting you.
I found my shipping address or contact number is wrong. How can I revise it? You can contact our customer service to revise your shipping address when the new and old Zip code are the same.
Will there be a notice on the delivery day? After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation notification. There will be three kinds of delivery notifications send via app/email on the delivery day. ( The goods have been packed-Delivering-Delivery completion).
What is the area range of delivery to home? We currently support home delivery in Massachusetts , you may enter your zip code to see wheather we deliver in your area.
What if I can’t receive my order within the arranged delivery time? If you’re not at home the driver will leave the grocery at door.
What should I do if I find that there is a delivery error in the goods I received? If you find any delivery error, please contact the customer service through your account immediately, and we will deal with it properly. We need the order number, missing or misdelivered product name. If possible, please provide the packing list photo, so as to facilitate the verification of customer service staff and improve work efficiency.
What if there is a quality problem with my order? We aim to provide high quality ingredients, and your satisfaction is crucial to us. If the quality problem of the products you ordered is found, we are very sorry. But, Gotobus as a third party platform linking suppliers and customers, we are not responsible for the quality problem of the product. We will give your feedback to suppliers. At the same time, if the quality problem is caused by delivery, we will also feed back to the delivery company.
What if the product is short in weight? If any product is short in weight, please contact the customer service, and we will refund the price difference to the customer.