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Prices: $20 one-way, $35 roundtrip. Duration: 4 hours.
Wi-Fi service may not be available on weekends, holidays and 3rd party buses.
Please read BUS Policy before purchase.

Eastern New York, NY station Eastern Washington, DC station
7th Ave x 33rd St
28 Allen St
7th Ave x 31st St
715 H St NW
New York -> Washington DC

Date New York Departure Arrival Info Price Qty Buy
7:00am $15
8:00am $23
9:00am $15
11:00am $15
12:00pm $23
1:00pm $15
2:00pm $23
3:00pm $15
4:00pm $15
5:00pm $15
6:00pm $15
7:00pm $15
10:00pm $15