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Bus Fare: Start from $17 one way, $27 round trip
Service provided by Disneyland Resort Express.

The prices shown below are for one way and round trip discount will be applied upon check-out. Departure time displayed is for the main terminus point (Disneyland Hotel) and more than one pick-up are available.

Please plan to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours (domestic flights) / 3 hours (international flights) prior to your departure. Please review bus policy before you purchase.

Anaheim -> JWA

Date Anaheim Departure Arrival Info Price Qty Buy
5:50am $18.50
6:50am $18.50
7:50am $18.50
8:50am $18.50
9:50am $18.50
10:50am $18.50
11:50am $18.50
12:50pm $18.50
1:50pm $18.50
3:50pm $18.50
4:50pm $18.50