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Boston Deluxe provides shuttle bus services among Boston, Hartford and New York. All prices are for one-way travel. All ticket sales are final. Online purchase has 5% service fee. eTicket(s) is emailed to you in real-time when your payment is automatically processed. Please present a valid ID of the customer name and a printout of order confirmation (eTicket) at boarding. Checkout Bus FAQ or email to bostondeluxe@gotobus.com.
Check schedules in the reverse direction: Boston -> New York

Prices: $15 each way. Duration: approx. 4 hours.
Available on Fri, Sat, Sun and Holidays
Mini-coach or van service according to the number of passengers traveling.
Serving Midtown Manhattan and Upper East Side. Service provided by Boston Deluxe.

Please read BUS Policy before making purchase.

BosDel New York station BosDel Boston station
Broadway x 32nd St
E 86th St x 2nd Ave
177 Huntington Ave